Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP); 2011 Nakanishi, Y—Nakanishi Research and Consulting, LLC; Fleming, W.—Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Police Abstract: TRB’s Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Synthesis 93: Practices to Protect Bus Operators from Passenger Assault highlights practices and policies implemented by transit agencies to deter and mitigate assaults on bus operators.  View Document read more →

National RTAP; 2011 Abstract: The package includes the workbook and three DVDs. Helps managers achieve more cooperation, stronger teamwork, better attitudes, and effective results. The videos cover leadership values, hiring, training and retaining employees, and efficient operations.  View Document read more →

This synthesis highlights transit and rural intercity bus service responses to changing rural community transportation needs. The report includes an emphasis on the innovative and/or entrepreneurial spirit, the innovator, and the conditions required for innovation. View Report   read more →

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT); US Department of Transportation (USDOT). Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR); 2011 The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is pleased to announce the development of the “Curbing Transit Operator Distracted Driving” classroom and computer-based training (CBT) program. The 20-minute FDOT “Curbing Transit Operator Distracted Driving” computer-based training (CBT) offers transit.. read more →

Federal Transit Administration; National Transit Institute 2011 While you are not an “essential” employee in the traditional sense, such as police officers and firefighters, your role as a public transportation employee is still as vital during a crisis as it is during a normal rush-hour commute. To help you better prepare yourself and your family.. read more →

2011 This guidebook was prepared with the objective of providing resource information for transit agencies and the FTA regarding the development and implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Safety Performance Measurement Systems (SPMS). SMS offer the most promising means of preventing public transportation accidents by integrating safety into all aspects of a transit system’s.. read more →

The CD-ROM is included with the print version of the report and is also available for download from TRB’s website as an ISO image. Links to the ISO image and instructions for burning a CD-ROM from an ISO image are provided below.  View Document A Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that provides some background on the model.. read more →

This tool kit contains example practices for ensuring the safe use of medications by safety-sensitive employees. It includes policies, forms, lists, and training aids.  Download Tool Kit September 2011 read more →

The Hartford Corporate Gerontology Group;The MIT AgeLab; AARP This guide is designed to help people with dementia and their families prolong independence while encouraging safe driving. The guide provides suggestions for monitoring, limiting and stopping driving. The information incorporated the experiences of family caregivers and people with dementia, as well as suggestions from experts in.. read more →

Presently (in late 2010), mobility for our veterans is characterized by a large number of veterans with numerous and diverse needs, substantial expenses, and considerable opportunities for improvements. The Department of Veterans Affairs offers trips for medical purposes to veterans who meet certain qualifications; veterans need additional means of transportation for other types of trips.. read more →