National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) Research Foundation Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (AMPO) 2009 The National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) Research Foundation and Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (AMPO), with funding support from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), developed the following guide to facilitate improved collaboration, communication and partnerships among the nation’s metropolitan.. read more →

National Cooperative Highway Research Program; Transportation Research Board; 2009 This digest presents the results of NCHRP Project 20-65, Task 14, “Current Practice and Future Guidance on the Development of SAFETEA-LU-Required Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plans.” The objectives of this research were to identify state Departments of Transportation (DOT’s) that have already designed coordinated planning.. read more →

Project for Public Spaces, Inc.; Juliette Michaelson, Gary Troth, Renee Espiau, 2008 This booklet explores the importance of an emerging corridor approach to transportation planning in which the responsibility for transportation improvements is shared by local communities, private developers and non-profit organizations, not just placed solely on the transportation or public works department. View PDF read more →

Project for Public Spaces; Gary Troth; Herman Volk, 2008 In 2008, PPS partnered with the American Association of Retired People (AARP) to publish three books on streets and transportation. The publications are a joint effort of PPS’s “Building Community Through” campaign, which seeks to transform transportation policies and practice that currently prioritize moving people and.. read more →

National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) Research Foundation 2008 This guide intends to provide rural local elected and appointed officials, along with their regional planning organizations, with a framework for appraising the effectiveness, timeliness and results of their involvement and input into the statewide transportation planning and decision-making processes within their respective states.  View PDF read more →

Project for Public Spaces, Inc.; AARP, 2008 In 2008, Project for Public Spaces entered into collaboration with AARP with the overall goal of supporting AARP’s Mobility Agenda. PPS is assisting AARP in their efforts to provide ongoing education, Training and technical assistance so that AARP staff and volunteers are able to effectively promote and advance.. read more →

Project for Public Spaces, Inc.; Molnar, Lisa J.; Eby, David W.; St. Louis, Renee M.; Neumeyer, Amy L. University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute; AARP The purpose of this guide is to update and expand upon our earlier work, particularly with regard to the transition from driving to non-driving and the need for alternative transportation.. read more →

National Center on Senior Transportation (NCST); Revised 2007 This report describes promising practices in 14 different communities where seniors have benefited from innovative efforts to coordinate transportation services.  View PDF read more →

Burkert, Jack; 2006 Written by transportation industry expert Jack Burkert, this handbook is filled with strategies designed to retain the best of the best.. read more →

Federal Transit Administration (FTA); Transportation Research Board This Guidebook examines the current status of suburban transit services and land-use environments and the relationship between the two. Types of suburban transit services include commuter, route deviation, demand response, circulators, shuttles, and vanpools. Also, the guidebook describes the emerging trends that significantly influence the availability and operation.. read more →