Employee handbooks available. Coastal Training Technologies, 2008 Available In English and Spanish This groundbreaking program illustrates just how dangerous distracted driving can be. The main character is the embodiment of the various distractions that accompany drivers. Watch as he gleefully plots and plans to take attention from the road. The impact of this program is.. read more →

National Safety Compliance Services, Inc. 2008 This video is one in a series of Professional Safety Training Videos from National Safety Compliance Services, Inc. read more →

Employee handbooks (English/Spanish) available. Coastal Training Technologies, 2008 It cannot be stressed enough: feeling strong and well-rested make your employees not only happy but also efficient. Through this award-winning program, both you and your employees gain ways to minimize stress, relax more and achieve company goals with more ease. The program highlights the stressful scenarios.. read more →

Employee handbooks (English/Spanish) available. Coastal Training Technologies, 2008 There is widespread concern over the risk of exposure to the deadly MRSA infection. This staph infection is not confined to hospitals anymore and has become a new threat knows as community-associated MRSA. Help your employees protect themselves and their families with the information on how exposure.. read more →

Leslie Stahl Airdate: 3/16/2008 CBS Broadcasting Inc. (C) DVD Fatigue is a critical element in driver reaction times. It is important for all drivers to have a firm understanding of fatigue awareness. Lesley Stahl finds out why we sleep and learns that sleep is as important to our health as nutrition and exercise. Video excerpt:.. read more →

Employee handbooks (English/Spanish) available. Coastal Training Technologies, 2007 This informative program covers precautions concerning bloodborne pathogens, making it ideal for workers who are on the scene of accidents. It will provide your employees with elementary information on bloodborne diseases.  Preview Video read more →

Employee handbooks (English/Spanish) available. Coastal Training Technologies, 2007 Complies with annual training requirements (OSHA 1910.1030) and teaches all employees common sense guidelines to protect themselves from the serious threat of bloodborne disease in the workplace.  Preview Video read more →

Presented by FDOT and the Substance Abuse Management Oversight & Technical Assistance Program at CUTR; 2007 Clean, Sober & Safe Handbook The viewer is educated on the detrimental effects that the five prohibited drugs and alcohol can have on the mind and body and given an overview of the drug and alcohol testing program. View.. read more →

National Transit Institute 2006 A fast-paced training video depicting a fictionalized version of an all-too-real threat against an average metropolitan transit system. It demonstrates to transit employees how asking the right questions and following their instincts when faced with suspicious and unusual circumstances could ultimately mean the difference between life and death. View Online Video read more →

Lancer Insurance 2005 A training video depicting bad weather conditions and what safety measures are needed to protect the driver and passengers. read more →