MCAT Recognizes Paratransit Superintendent for 25 Years of Service

Benita L. Zarr oversees Paratransit Operations for Manatee County where she’s shown a passion and has devoted over 25 years of experience for her work. She consistently applies her knowledge of appropriate traffic laws and regulations to ensure the safety of passengers and works to establish procedures and guidelines as they apply to compliance of local, state and federal guidelines for Public Transportation.

Benita reviews, generates and compiles data for the agency Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan (TDSP), Transit Development Plan (TDP), Local Coordinating Board (LCB), Annual Operating Report (AOR), Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and National Transit Database (NTD). She maintains software systems and associated software modules to ensure efficiency of Dispatch, Scheduling, Reservations and Reporting.

She is also the primary Emergency Support Function (ESF) for Transportation during emergency response, and severe weather events; coordinating service delivery for evacuations and shelter for Transportation Disadvantaged, Special Needs persons and the general population.

Benita’s primary objective is to continue providing efficient, effective service delivery with ongoing developmental growth. Emphasize creativity, team work and strong customer service.

Congratulations, Benita!

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