With the recent announcement from Gov. Ron DeSantis that all official travel for state employees has been suspended for 30 days, and his recommendation that large events be canceled in an effort to reduce the spread of the new coronavirus, it is with great regret that we announce the rescheduling of the 2020 Florida Triple Crown Roadeo until a future date. We are working with the hotel to find another date that is suitable for all parties, but do not have these details at the moment.

We hope to be able to communicate to you very soon when the event will be rescheduled. In the meantime, please make plans to cancel your attendance in April. If you made a hotel reservation DIRECTLY with the hotel, please cancel that reservation ASAP with the hotel at 800-204-7234. If your hotel room was being handled by FDOT, you do NOT need to do anything at this time.

No refunds will be given at this time, as we are rescheduling the event to later in the year.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

General Information

2020 Annual Florida Triple Crown Bus Roadeo
Orlando, Florida

Friday, April 3, 2020 - Saturday, April 4, 2020

LYNX Operations Center
2500 Lynx Lane
Orlando, FL 32804

Roadeo Information

Florida’s transit professionals are heading to Orlando, Florida, the weekend of April 3-4, 2020 for the 2020 Annual Florida Triple Crown Bus Roadeo. The 2020 Florida Triple Crown Bus Roadeo will be hosted by LYNX.

It’s that time again – roundup your best drivers and technicians and come participate in the 2020 Annual Florida Triple Crown Bus Roadeo in Orlando, Florida.  The Florida Triple Crown Bus Roadeo combines the FPTA and RTAP roadeos into a single, colossal weekend honoring all of Florida’s paratransit and fixed route bus maintenance technicians and bus operators.

The annual event is a joint effort of the Florida Public Transportation Association (FPTA), the Florida Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP), the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), and the Florida Association of Coordinated Transit Systems (FACTS), and hosted by LYNX.

There will be training opportunities for the participants. Then the bus operator participant’s skills will be tested with a written test and the on-course competition. The maintenance technicians will face similar challenges with a written test and a series of diagnostic tests.

As always, the event will end with an Awards Banquet that will crown and recognize our champions in the paratransit van and cutaway divisions, the fixed route bus division, paratransit maintenance technician and the maintenance technician’s team competition.

Registration, orientation, training, written tests and the Friday evening reception and Saturday awards banquet will be held at the Rosen Centre. All competitors should report to the Rosen Centre on Friday morning at 11:00 am for their mandatory orientation meeting.

The Saturday competition will take place at the LYNX Operations Center on 2500 Lynx Lane in Orlando, FL 32804. Transportation from the host hotel to the LYNX facility will be provided.

NOTE: In the event that any of the operator competition events do not have a minimum of (8) registrants, that event will be cancelled. In the event of a cancellation, registered contestants will be given the opportunity to compete in another division or receive a refund of their registration fee.

To register, simply click on the "REGISTER " on the top right of page and you will be transferred to the 2020 Annual Florida Triple Crown Bus Roadeo online registration system.

Sponsored registration fees of $100 (covering all roadeo meals plus two hotel nights) will be provided to most participants and agency representatives.

The following provides a listing of eligible “Sponsored Registrants” from each agency:

  • Each Florida Paratransit agency is eligible for up to four (4) sponsored registrations - two operator participants and two agency representatives/judges.
  • Fixed Route agencies are permitted one operator participant and one supervisor.
  • For the Maintenance Technicians, each FPTA transit agency can register up to three (3) fixed route maintenance technicians, up to two (2) paratransit maintenance technician, and one (1) support person.
  • The Paratransit Maintenance competition will again take place, in which up to two (2) paratransit maintenance technicians from each transit agency are eligible to compete on an individual basis.

Sponsored participants do not need to make their hotel reservations – the Roadeo Coordinators will make your reservations when your roadeo registrations are received. Sponsored participants are responsible for their travel and incidental expenses.

Non-sponsored participants are responsible for making their own lodging reservations and are responsible for all other expenses (travel, hotel, incidentals, etc.). Information on the hotel registration details will be provided to you upon receipt of your registration.

Non-sponsored registration fees of $175 are available for additional participants, judges, and other attendees are welcome. The $175 registration fee will cover all roadeo meals, including the Saturday evening awards banquet.

Extra event and meal tickets for family members and guests are available. Please indicate during the registration process if you will be needing extra tickets and you will be contacted regarding specific types, quantities, and payment process. These events/meals are included for the individuals registered as sponsored and non-sponsored registration categories. Extra tickets are only required for non-registered persons if they will be participating in these events.

These are the events/meals and their prices, including a Combo Packet of all four tickets:

  • Friday Evening Reception @ $30 each
  • Saturday Breakfast @ $25 each
  • Saturday Lunch @ $25 each
  • Saturday Awards Banquet @ $55 each
  • Combo Packet (all four tickets) @ $120 each

Disclosure for Fixed Route Champions:

As customary, the winners in the Fixed Route Bus and Maintenance Technicians will be sent at no expense to compete in the National Bus Roadeo sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). The Roadeo organizers have been notified that:

To participate in the APTA International Bus Roadeo the participant's transit system must be an APTA transit system member or CTAA member. Additionally, APTA Bylaws state that APTA Management Company or State Association membership shall not take the place of the transit system membership. All registrations will be verified for transit system or CTAA membership and will be subject to cancellation.

Paratransit winners of the cutaway and van competition will be sent at no expense to compete in the National Paratransit Bus Roadeo sponsored by the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA).