Transportation Research Board; 2000

Articles are:

  • Bus Rapid Transit Technologies in the Americas: An Overview
  • Zigzagging of Bus Routes: An Analytical Approach
  • Optimal Bus Stop Spacing Through Dynamic Programming and Geographic Modeling
  • Conditional Bus Priority at Signalized Intersections: Better Service with Less Traffic Disruption
  • Dynamic Right-of-Way For Transit Vehicles: Integrated Modeling Approach for Optimizing Signal Control On Mixed Traffic Arterials
  • Traction Performance of Transit and Paratransit Vehicles in Winter
  • Procedure to Evaluate Alternatives to Transit Bus Replacement
  • Internet-Based Decision Support for Advanced Public Transport Systems Technology
  • Effectiveness of Taxi Partitions: Baltimore, Maryland, Case Study
  • Evaluating Real-Time Bus Arrival Information Systems
  • Intelligent Transportation System Technology in a Shared Electric Vehicle Program
  • Buses as a Traffic Probe: Demonstration Project
  • Simulating Bus Operations with Enhanced Corridor Simulator: Case Study of New Jersey Transit Bus Route 39
  • Technology Transfer in the Transit Industry
  • Development of Florida’s Transit Level-of-Service Indicator
  • Transit Passenger Perceptions of Transit-Related Crime Reduction Measures

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