AARP, Jeff Finn; 2008 This guide is part of AARP’s Mobility Toolkit, which contains step-by-step instructions for AARP state offices and other groups partnering with AARP to promote a broad array of mobility choices for older adults in their communities. read more →

Project for Public Spaces, Inc.; Molnar, Lisa J.; Eby, David W.; St. Louis, Renee M.; Neumeyer, Amy L. University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute; AARP The purpose of this guide is to update and expand upon our earlier work, particularly with regard to the transition from driving to non-driving and the need for alternative transportation.. read more →

Sterns, H.L, Sterns, R., Aizenberg, R., Anapole, J.; 2001 To provide families, friends, healthcare providers, law enforcement personnel, and community and social services with information to assist older adults whose capabilities make them potentially unsafe to drive; a series of research tasks were conducted, including a literature review of public information materials on family and.. read more →