A “Gold Star” Moment to Share

Charlotte County Transit - operator assisting passenger on a liftAs part of the RTAP community, we are interested in sharing your agency news, best practices, and success stories through our RTAP quarterly bulletin. We know every transit agency has numerous success stories, which may be beneficial to others, and we want you to share yours! You may not realize how innovative you truly are. We are looking for your “gold star” moments where an employee went above and beyond, where you exceeded customer expectations, training successes, or any other story that will highlight the great work being done throughout Florida’s rural transit community. As an example, transit agencies traditionally celebrate an operators years without an accident, but when we add ALL of the agency’s years without an accident, that’s a big number. How many cumulative operator years without an accident can your agency boast?

We plan to include at least one “gold star” moment in our RTAP quarterly newsletter and publish the list on the on this page. Submit your great moments to us by filling out the form below! We will feature you in one of our newsletters

Together we are stronger than one agency – let’s help each other improve.

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Featured “Gold Star” Moments

Customer Service Success at VOTRAN
Customer Service Success at VOTRAN
VOTRAN received an email from a citizen regarding the possible placement of a new bus stop in front of the Port Orange YMCA