Pre-trip This video presents guidelines that transit agencies can use when developing their own pre-trip/post-trip inspection procedures.  These guidelines serve as a sample of best practice methods for inspecting vehicle components generally found on Type II vehicles. Triennial Maintenance Review This video presents a sample vehicle safety inspection performed during a transit agency’s Triennial.. read more →

2009 Handbook also available 2009 Aggressive driving is a contributor to 6,800,000 crashes and 1,500 deaths annually! Watch as the narrator rides shotgun or in the backseat with four main characters and cajoles them to swerve, tailgate, run red lights, use the emergency lane and even escalate their emotions in to road rage. Preview Video read more →

Easter Seals Project ACTION, 2009 Designed for fixed-route bus operators, this new training course will assist bus operators in their understanding of law and the basics of good customer service to passengers with disabilities. This combo DVD/CD set is a training course for transit operators focusing on serving customers with disabilities. Designed for use as.. read more →

Employee handbooks available. Coastal Training Technologies, 2008 Available In English and Spanish This groundbreaking program illustrates just how dangerous distracted driving can be. The main character is the embodiment of the various distractions that accompany drivers. Watch as he gleefully plots and plans to take attention from the road. The impact of this program is.. read more →

National Safety Compliance Services, Inc. 2008 This video is one in a series of Professional Safety Training Videos from National Safety Compliance Services, Inc. read more →

Lancer Insurance 2005 A training video depicting bad weather conditions and what safety measures are needed to protect the driver and passengers. read more →

Employee handbooks available. Coastal Training Technologies, 2005 Available In English and Spanish Driving 15-Passenger vans requires certain safety precautions. Understanding why these types of vans need special care will get you and your passengers to your destinations safely. View YouTube Video   read more →

Minnesota Department of Transportation 2003 Produced by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Driving Professionally and Defensively is a DVD video that provides a thorough overview for bus operators on driving, acting and dressing professionally, detailed instructions on performing a pre-trip bus inspection, and defensive driving techniques such as using your mirrors to overcome blind spots… read more →