Learn about the rights and responsibilities of riders and transit operators regarding service animals and transit systems. This open-captioned video (10-minutes, 18 seconds) is produced by the Southeast ADA Center, a project of the Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University and a regional center in the ADA National Network. The video describes the purpose of.. read more →

This publication provides information, tips and resources for bus operators assisting passengers with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Operators who are aware of the challenges that individuals with dementia and their caregivers face, are better able to recognize dementia symptoms and ensure a safe trip for all riders. View Report   read more →

Did you miss the Lessons Learned From Lane Transit District’s Service Animal Pilot Program webinar? The recording is available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeyuHOr1gmw Learn more about LTD’s Service Animal Program: https://www.ltd.org/latest-news/ltds-receives-national-attention-for/ Service animal requirements and the full Service Animal Pilot Program report can be found at www.LTD.org/animals-on-the-bus/. read more →

Problem Passengers: Managing Difficult Passengers & Situations portrays many of the challenging situations front line rural transit staff may face, such as angry passengers, fare refusals, passengers under the influence, sexual advances, weapons on the vehicle, offensive odors, passengers with dementia, and more. The training explains appropriate driver responses for each of these situations. The.. read more →

Q’Straint: 2010 The Q’Straint training program and this training kit have been developed in order to assist you and your organization in training your drivers, operators and attendants to safely and properly use the Q’Straint wheelchair and occupant securement systems.  View Video on YouTube read more →