Problem Passengers: Managing Difficult Passengers & Situations portrays many of the challenging situations front line rural transit staff may face, such as angry passengers, fare refusals, passengers under the influence, sexual advances, weapons on the vehicle, offensive odors, passengers with dementia, and more. The training explains appropriate driver responses for each of these situations.

The course also covers customer management and behavior modification techniques, as well as ways drivers can present themselves to set a positive tone and maintain authority to help prevent situations from escalating. With these techniques, drivers will be prepared to handle any situation that comes their way.

Problem Passengers was updated in June 2018 (former title: Problem Passengers: Challenging Situations). Both the booklet and accompanying video were updated and an eLearning version was developed. The course now contains content on illegal drugs and service animals. The video can be viewed as 13 clips or as one longer video, and is available on the DVD (for use on a computer or TV) included with the Learner’s Guide or on our YouTube Channel. The video includes new scenarios and two mentors to discuss the scenarios.

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